James Senior 2013

James is graduating this year from Milford High School. Milford is a small town with a graduating class of 13. Yes, folks, I said 13!! Milford is about an hour South of Dallas. I spent half the day down there with James and his friend Kyler (see Kyler Senior 2013) to take their Senior photos. It was quite an experience and wish I could have spent more time. The weather was perfect but the sun was so bright. Finding a location that didn’t cast too much sun or too many shadows was difficult. I was asking the boys if there was a cool looking barn around that we could take pictures by.  A barn???  In the country???? Why of course!!! Next thing I know, we are hoping into the truck and heading around the corner to find myself riding through a field. Acres of land with cows and barb wire and hay and more cows….and you know when you have cows, you have cow patties!!

James Sr 2013

James Sr 2013

James Sr 2012

James Sr 2013


















































































James Sr 2013

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